Curtains Complete!

Hey hey heyyyyy!

This weekend was, as usual, way too short. On Friday, we went to dinner with Kirsten and Kevin. Guess where we went. No, really guess.


Surprised? Probably not. We can’t help ourselves it’s just so good. I got the Good Ole burger again, but (my) Kevin switched things up and got their fish tacos which came with Mexican corn on the cob – basically heaven in your mouth.


It was Kirsten and (her) Kevin’s first time – I think they’re hooked.

After dinner, we went to B-dubs to watch the Blues game. They lost, and I cried myself a river. Only after eating a second dinner which consisted of wings. #ieatwhenimsadokay?

In other news (possibly the most exciting news to come out of the Bladdick/Deitsch household for the past few weeks) WE HAVE CURTAINS!!!!!


Hobby Lobby “found the missing fabric” we ordered (what.ever.) and we picked it up on Saturday.


Hello pretty new curtains and GOODBYE TRASH BAG DRAPES!

Since we moved in, I have been HATING on these massive windows because of how big of a pain in the arse they are (having to make your own curtains vs. shelling out thousands of dollars for custom drapes), but with these crisp, white, flowy curtains, I’m obsessed. And the trees in our front yard provide the perfect amount of privacy where I feel comfortable leaving them open all day, only to close them at night.


(And thank you Kirsten and Kevin for letting us borrow your iron and ironing board!)

We added another addition to our house – a dog bed for Grace! Now that we have our new couch, new chair AND new bed, we’re trying to prevent her from getting on the furniture.

IMG_3110Speaking of Grace – she got a special little package in the mail today. 🙂


Our friends Jess & Chris (and Calie & Nita) from Des Moines mailed Grace a bunch of homemade cookies today and she LOVED them! Here’s a video of us opening the package. She’s a silly little thing.

And lastly, today we booked our plane tickets out to San Francisco for our friends Jeannie & Brett’s wedding in September! And I booked mine, Katie and Jackie’s hotel for Jess and Jason’s wedding in July! I have weddings on the brain so I’m off to see what’s left on our big to-do list. I’m feeling a little inspired. 🙂


All in a Day

I am hoooooooome! After an incredibly wonderful visit to my favorite city on earth, New York City, for the past three days, I made it back to Louisville last night…just in time to go out with Kevin to watch Valpo WIN AT THE VERY LAST SECOND! It was amazing. (It was not amazing when the lady sitting next to us at B-dubs asked what high school we were cheering for…get it together, Kentucky.)


New York posts will commence tomorrow, but for now…house stuff!

A quick trip to Ikea a couple of weeks ago left us with a small table to put our Dish TV box on and DVDs in since our TV is mounted above our fire place.


Ikea makes it so much harder than it needs to be. (I still love you, Ikea.)

IMG_2262 A few minutes and hand cramps later, and we have a piece of furniture in our living room! (Heyyyy, Nate Berkus throw pillow on clearance at Target for $7.)

IMG_2264We also put away our house warming gifts, which we absolutely love!

Kevin’s mom gave us a set of shovels, and we needed them badly.


While my parents gave us the most awesomest cooler on the planet. (Kevin gave me permission to post this picture, but he wanted me to say that he’s only wearing my pink sweatshirt because all of his are dirty.) (Uh huh, sure.)

IMG_2268 We also got lovely cards (and Target and Home Depot gift cards) from other family and friends! Thank you, everyone! We love it all. 🙂

IMG_2267Since galavanting around New York City is tiring, we slept until 11 a.m. today – it was glorious. So was coming home to 74-degree weather!

IMG_2521 After our slow start to the morning, we ventured out to buy a couch (!!!!!) that we finally settled on after visiting seven different furniture stores at least three times each. We’re indecisive, obviously. After our couch purchase, we headed out to Lowe’s to grab a few items for the house (air filters, you know, the norm) and then Target to do some serious damage to the wallet (curtain rods, shower curtain, etc. etc.). We also ordered patio furniture from, which we’re the MOST excited about!

Since it was so beautiful outside, we couldn’t pass up sitting out on our patio which we love oh-so-much. We decided to pour some margs and make chicken quesadillas on the grill.

IMG_2522 IMG_2523 (yes, we’re going to register for a ‘real’ charcoal grill one of these days.)

IMG_2524 And yes, that patio furniture is necessary. Do you see what we’re currently working with?

(PS It was me that broke this chair by sitting on it…lay off the margs, Gab.) (PPS Thanks for the glasses, Katie! We use them all the time!)

IMG_2525 Yum yum yum. I don’t think I can eat a regular quesadilla ever again.

IMG_2527 You guys. Gracie is in love with her new patio and backyard. In. love.

IMG_2529Once we cleaned up dinner and our classy patio furniture, we hung up a curtain rod in our bedroom because the curtains we ordered should be arriving soon! Seriously, these trash bag drapes need. to. go.

IMG_2530 IMG_2531

(Kevin also wanted me to mention that he cut down all of the tree branches touching our house today…we just didn’t snap any pictures of it, but it really happened.)

All in a day of home ownership.

Back tomorrow with NYC recap(s)!