Many of you might know (from Facebook) that today Kevin and I are “celebrating” being together for four and a half years. We’re not really the celebrating type (also shown here), but I still think it’s important to acknowledge the milestone!

We aren’t giving each other any presents, but I’m secretly hoping a date to see Titanic 3D is coming soon (hint, hint ;)).

Here’s our first picture taken together.

We look like children in this picture! Oh. We were.

So tonight we are “celebrating” by watching the Pittsburgh/Philadelphia hockey game and grilling out since the weather is beautiful.


Speaking of weather! Last night, I became a certified NWS SKYWARN Storm Spotter. Best girlfriend EVER or what?!

Kevin had to teach a class in Clarion, Iowa so I decided to go with him. To be honest, I mostly did it just so we could finally spend some time together!


Surprisingly, I understood most of what he talked about! I thought it would be over my head for sure.


Now I know what pictures like these mean:



Like I said…best girlfriend ever. 🙂


I’ll take any excuse to spend time with Kevin and Gracie this month because May is going to be absolutely INSANE for both of us! Between three graduations (my brother, his sister, his best friend Danny), one wedding and two work trips, I’m gone every single weekend in May. I can’t complain too much because I’m going to New York, St. Louis to see my family, Cincinnati to see Kevin’s family and Detroit to see college friends!


Speaking of New York: please give me ideas on what to do and places to eat! Because I’ve been to NYC one other time (I was young), I have a few silly things that I want to do.


  • See September 11 Memorial and Museum (well this isn’t one of the silly things…)
  • See someone famous (already requested tickets to Letterman, but seeing Ryan Gosling walking down the street would count). 🙂
  • Have a picnic in Central Park
  • Run through Central Park and pretend like I live in NYC
  • Eat at a Food Network chef’s restaurant (Bobby Flay?)
  • See the Brooklyn Bridge
  • See the outside of the “Friends” apartment
  • Shop


What else should I add to my list?!


I’m off to go watch the rest of this game!