Visit Home to St. Louis – Part I

As I said before, Kev, Grace and I took a trip back to my hometown a few weekends ago. It was so nice to be home and enjoy quality family time! Here’s a little recap, which will be split into two parts because you know me. #somanywords #somanypictures

We got in late Thursday night because we both worked that day, and Grace was more than ready to get out of the car and play with her best friend, Nala. Nala, however, didn’t exactly share the same sentiment.

We didn’t do much on Thursday besides eat homemade pulled pork nachos and drink beer. If you’ve been reading this blog for any duration of time, you know that whenever we’re with my parents, the theme is food and beer. This weekend was no different.


For my grandma’s birthday back in September, my aunt got her a Blues brick. She hadn’t seen it yet, so we took her downtown to find it.

It was maybe harder than we expected…


Because it took us quite awhile to find it. We divided the bricks into sections and we all looked for our brick within that section. After swearing it wasn’t there, I pulled up the “find your brick” area on the Blue’s website and lo and behold… it was in my area. Oops.



My grandpa, David, was the patriarch in our family and grandma was so excited to have a family brick represent one of our family’s favorite teams.



Soon it was time for lunch. It was my choice, so naturally I picked classic St. Louis food. Toasted raviolis, a “St. Louis-style” Italian salad and pasta. Gotta love The Hill!




After lunch, we ventured over to our brand. new. IKEA! St. Louis got Ikea last month and I am so bummed I don’t live there anymore. It’s no secret that I love that store and I’m so excited there’s one in my hometown. Helloooooo, Christmas list.


After a very “St. Louis” day, we went back to my parent’s house and watched the Cards win, complete with good beer, delicious wings aaaaaand a lovely bonfire.


Part II coming soon!

Blues Hockey & Derby 2015

When I was in town for my grandpa’s visitation and funeral last weekend, my parents gave Brendan and I their tickets to Game 5.


I should be writing that we won and we are playing the Blackhawks in the second round, but the Blues apparently like golf more than they like hockey. At least, they’ve acted that way the past three years. #soreloser


Regardless of the loss, it felt so good to dedicate last weekend to family. We told so many amazing stories of my grandpa, looked through old photos and videos, and enjoyed quite a few Buds for my grandpa. I mean, how many people can say that they toasted to their grandpa at the cemetery with a Bud? We can! (And then we consumed many more back at grandma’s house.)

Oh, and a trip home isn’t a trip home until we eat ice cream at Fritz’s. The girls certainly enjoyed their doggie cones.


Once we got back to Louisville, it took some adjusting to get back to “real life.” In fact, I took an extra day off work to head to the track with Kevin and friends for Thurby, the horse races at Churchill Downs the Thursday before the Kentucky Derby.


More Bud was consumed.


After I grabbed said Bud, I put $2 on one of the horses to win and he won! #thanksgrandpa


We got lucky with the weather, and had a gorgeous day with very little rain.




We didn’t go to the Kentucky Derby itself this year, as planned. Kevin had to work at the Derby (so cool!) but he was able to get home just in time to watch the main race. Before grandpa passed away, he mailed me $5 to have American Pharoah win. Well, grandpa’s horse won. Kevin said, “I think this is grandpa’s way of saying he’s doing just fine up in heaven.”

And it wouldn’t be Derby in Louisville without mass amounts of bourbon being consumed.