Summer 2016

Ah, yes. Summer 2016. Remember that time? Seven months ago? Ok, good me too.

Since I committed to blogging for another year, I took a look at the photos on my computer and realized I really didn’t post much about summer. We had such a good few months as we prepared to move, so I definitely want to share. This will essentially a massive photo dump from a three-month span.

Some coworkers (at the time) and I went to see Mike Snow…

And also Cage the Elephant. Both concerts were amazing.

Four Roses, my client at the time, released their 2016 Limited Edition Small Batch and has a pop-up signing party with the Master Distiller. The location and weather made for a perfect summer night. (PS I really, really miss all the bourbon. It’s just not the same drinking it in Missouri.)

Kev and I did a major purge in our old house before moving, which resulted in a less-than-profitable garage sale. But after the garage sale, Sara and I loaded up my car and took everything that didn’t sell to Goodwill. In the end, it was worth it to not have as much stuff.

Oh, another concert! This time with Saint Motel and BØRNS, both of whom I’m obsessed with even more now.

In late July we threw a going away party for ourselves. We had never really had a housewarming party and since our house was technically sold at this point (we were just waiting to close), we figured it was a good time to have people over!

We didn’t do anything fancy – just bought a crap ton of beer, some wine and bourbon/vodka for mules, and had a few appetizers for people to munch on.

We put out lawn games if people wanted to play. But my coworker Sarah’s son provided most of the entertainment until it was time for them to leave.

I didn’t take many photos that day, but glad someone snapped this one.

And this one. A toast to good friends, who quickly became like family.

A few weeks later, we took a big float trip with both my family and Sara’s family.

We did a long float with four canoes, and couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Gracie was pooped.

The bus ride back to camp after a long day of drinking on the river is the worst. You’re hot, sweaty, probably wet from swimming, sunburnt and drunk slash on your way to being hungover. When Kev fell asleep sitting up on the bus, I had to snap a picture because this is what we all look and feel like during that ride home.

Gracie felt it too.

My parents stayed in their tent but because we were in the process of moving, we crashed in the Piller’s camper. I am a tent camper through and through, but campers are soooooo nice.

Flash forward to our last weekend in Louisville… after our house sold, we went to Holy Grale – my absolute favorite spot in the city – for beers and pretzel bread.

Then we went next door to Hopcat for dinner.

And shenanigans…

And finally over to Silver Dollar for a nightcap. My last Mint Julep as a Kentuckian.

The next morning, we headed off to St. Louis for good! Since moving, we’ve been back to Louisville once for a weekend trip (which I’ll probably write about in six months at this rate), but we’re itching to go back!