A Quick Trip to D.C.

I have never hated traveling as much as I have in the last two weeks. Once again, I was stuck in an airport for the majority of my entire Saturday due to, ONCE AGAIN, non-weather related delays.

I was in D.C. for work and when we arrived on our plane, the pilot said, “Um this plane is broken” so they took all of us off and made us sit in the terminal. US Airways said they’d update us every 15 minutes but three hours later…we still didn’t know what was going on. Thank goodness they found us a new plane and I made it home four hours later than I wanted to be. What a terrible day.

Despite all of that, I was able to see some bits and pieces of D.C. while I was there!


Julia Child’s kitchen at the National Museum of American History. Did you know that Julia Child’s counters were taller than the average counters because she was 6′ 3″ tall?


And Dorothy’s ruby slippers! Did you know that Judy Garland wore size five shoes? Tiny! This pair is also believed to be the pair she wore during the dancing sequence since there was felt on the bottom most likely due to deaden the sound of her tapping. Nobody knows how many pairs were used during the filming, but five pairs are known to have survived.


The Capital building!


And the Washington Monument which is still under construction due to the 2011 earthquake.


I had to grab a Missouri photo at the World War II memorial!


This next photo was taken from my iPhone 5S (all were) but I’m amazed at how beautiful it turned out!


The Lincoln Memorial is just incredible.


And so is the Vietnam War Memorial.


My co-worker Lindsey and I just had to say hello to the President.



I also took a quick trip on the local Metro – one of the easiest subway systems I’ve ever experienced!


I also saw the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights/Constitution and Magna Carta, but obviously no pictures are allowed. I was told by one of the security guards that those documents have around 250-300 years left of survival at the rate they’re decaying. They also told me that the original Emancipation Proclamation only has 10-20 years left of survival! They only bring that document out for the public to see once a year, and the line for people to see it wraps around the building.

I had been to D.C. one other time for the National PRSSA conference quite a few years ago and had the opportunity to see many of these things before, but it was awesome to see it again! And even though D.C. was fun, coming home to Louisville was NOT with all of the delays. Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who made it all better by taking me out to dinner at my favorite local restaurant when I finally made it home.

El Torazo has two-for-one margaritas every. single. day. and they’re absolutely delicious! It doesn’t get much better than two margaritas for the price of one.


I got the same thing I get every time: the steak fajita chimichanga. MHMMMM GOOD.


The food is always delicious. The margs are always potent. And the service is always excellent. We highly recommend it!

We started this morning off right by trying out a new-to-us Lutheran church and met some great members who are around our age and invited us to the pot luck afterwards. House chores, a bit of reading, a walk in the 50 degree weather and a lot of relaxation are all on the agenda for the day. As much as I (used) to love travel, I absolutely love being home!