Texas Forever

Good morning! I’m writing from my living room couch this morning while enjoying a cup of hot coffee and watching the Today Show. Sounds nice right?

Our morning got off to a rough start. We’re at the phase where we should be switching Gracie from puppy to regular food and the vet said to gradually switch her food over a week’s time, so we did that, but she has had awful diarrhea the last two days. Like it’s so bad, we’re taking her out every two hours. That doesn’t equal a great night’s sleep. And this morning, she decided to STEP in it, so she got a bath before 6 a.m. #happythursday.

We called the vet and she said to hold food for 24 hours and begin the switch all over again. So let’s see how that goes.

ANYWAYS. I really want to blog about Texas because even though I was only there for two days, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there!

I took a 6 a.m. flight to San Antonio with a layover in Dallas. I really really hate getting up that early, but it is nice knowing it’s not the last flight out in case there are delays or cancellations. I completely forgot my Dramamine at home (and ya’ll know I get motion sickness) so my first flight was hard to get through. As soon as I landed in Dallas, I found my gate, got some Dramamine and ate at Au Bon Pain (so good!).

Rip off.

On my flight from Dallas – San Antonio, I had a window seat and slept like a baby.

“There’s something on the wing! Some…thing.”

I arrived in San Antonio with no problem and checked into my hotel right away. After a lovely nap, I walked around the River Walk which is just gorgeous!

View from my hotel! Not bad.

Check out how beautiful this hotel is! I want to stay there next time I’m in SA. 🙂

I ate an early dinner because I wanted to go to bed early that night and I happened to catch happy hour at Iron Cactus.

I started off with a basket of warm chips and two different salsas. I also enjoyed the best margarita I’ve ever had. It was made with real agave nectar instead of sweet and sour mix, making it oh-so delicious.

I love happy hour!

For my entree, I opted for the spicy shrimp tacos with jalapeno orange and avocado salsa. I wish my shrimp wasn’t fried, but the batter was nice and light and I thought it was rather tasty!

I walked around after dinner to look for Blue Bell ice cream (seriously the best and it’s only sold in the South) but I turned up SOL. It’s alright though, because in 22 days, I’ll be eating it by the gallons in Destin!

On Tuesday morning, I had client media stuff and caught the megabus (client) from San Antonio – Dallas. I had the cutest old man ever on my bus! I loved him. He’s adorable.


Hello Dallas!

We drove by the building where “the (JFK) shot” happened. Speaking of JFK, Kevin and I love history and conspiracies and a few years ago, we bought the movie JFK staring Kevin Costner. I’m sure this isn’t the best JFK documentary, but we both enjoyed it very much.

The rest of the night in Dallas was spent in the House of Blues for our client event. It was an awesome venue!

When in Texas, ya’ll.

I didn’t see Tim Riggins, or the Taylor’s. You think I’m kidding, but I really looked. Now I kick myself for not going to see Tim Riggins at the Today Show when I was in NYC. I was four blocks away!

Overall, Texas was great! Off to work!

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