Thanksgiving 2014

I know I mentioned it yesterday, but being sick the week of Thanksgiving this year was no fun! It was our first year hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner with both of our families coming to town for it, so I was pretty bummed to be not feeling well. Oh well…

We had my parents, grandparents and aunt, along with Kevin’s mom and sister here for a long weekend of celebration. And despite being sick, we still managed to have a great time together and eat a ton of delicious food. Here are a few snaps from the week:


My parents arrived with beer in tow. 


Gracie loooooves cuddling with her grandpa. 


It isn’t Thanksgiving without my favorite Friends Thanksgiving episode. (the one with the rumor is a close second.)


We got an early Christmas present! My parents bought/built us a firewood holder, complete with a ton of wood. 

IMG_8777 (1)

Poor Nala girl has a torn ACL, so her and Gracie laid low for most of the week.


Too many cooks in the kitchen? No way. Everybody chipped in this year.


One of our two tables. The whole family couldn’t fit at one, so we had a “kid” table, where Kevin and I sat with my grandparents. Ha! 


And now for the food…



One of our two turkeys. Yes, two turkeys. (one smoked. one baked. all delicious.)




We’ll be eating leftovers until Christmas…


Our second married Thanksgiving…surrounded by our family. We’re so blessed!


 We did a bit of Black Friday shopping, and ventured out to Lawrenceburg, Kentucky to tour my client, Four Roses Distillery. 


My family loooooved it. 


Some family started to leave Friday and Saturday, but my parents stayed until Sunday. Kevin and I took them around town and we ended up at a local brewery for lunch and some beers. Glad I was feeling better by this point, because the food and beer was great at Cumberland Brews! 

It was an amazing Thanksgiving week. We’re so blessed that we were able to spend it with both of our families (with the exception of Brendan – miss you, Bren!).

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