Thanksgiving 2015 (Part I)

Growing up, Thanksgiving was never my favorite holiday. It was always kind of “meh” to me. Christmas was far superior. However, now that we’ve hosted Thanksgiving with both sides of our families two years in a row, it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites!

My parents arrived on Wednesday afternoon because my mom and I had tickets to see Wicked later that night. As soon as I got off work, we headed up to 3rd Turn Brewery, our new favorite local joint. We ordered pizza from Johnny V’s and shared a few brewskis.


This was my second time seeing Wicked but my mom’s first. She loves the movie Wizard of Oz so I knew she’d love Wicked and I was right! It was amazing!


The rest of the family trickled in on Thursday in between us watching Thanksgiving Friends episodes, but before football started. Once football did start, however, Kevin taught my grandma how to play Fantasy Football. You know, priorities to a woman in her seventies.


Between football games, I somehow convinced our entire group to help us rake leaves. You see, we have five giant trees in our medium-sized backyard. It usually takes Kevin and I a couple of weeks to do the task, but my family helped us get it done in an hour!


Twenty nine bags. Ridic.


Just look at my cutie grandma being such a helper.


Thanks to this awesome clan!


So the food, you know, the most important part of Thanksgiving…


We smoked a turkey again this year and it was the Seriously, so good.


It didn’t take too long to cook, just a few hours, and pretty soon it was time to eat!



Here’s our beautiful smoked bird…



Plate number one…(Plate number two shall not be shown because it was basically a replica of my first plate, plus an extra roll since carbs don’t count on Thanksgiving.)


That’s all for now… we had a full weekend of fun so part II is to come!



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