That Time I Tried Raw Fish (and liked it)

First of all, I just want to tell everyone thank you so much for entering the OXO Salad Spinner giveaway I posted yesterday! I’m so excited to have so much interest and I can’t wait to pick a winner tomorrow night!


I’ll admit it – I’m a bit of a sushi wimp. The first time I ever tried sushi was in San Diego in 2009 for a PRSSA conference. I went to dinner with two of my best friends, Katie and Jackie and Jackie ordered a california roll for us to split. Katie and I looked at each other in confusion because neither of us had ever tried sushi before. So we went for it and we were both less than pleased.

Our first taste (sorry for the dark photos):

Hurry! Wash it down!!

And that was the last time I tried sushi until I moved to Des Moines! Two of my new friends here eat sushi regularly, so they took me to a local sushi joint but I chickened out my first time and got some sort of stir fry. The second time, however, I got a california roll and I actually liked it! Then, I tried it a third time and got a bit more adventurous and ordered something with more veggies (still no raw fish).

Today, however, I went to lunch at Miyabi 9, a local sushi place, and tried a roll with raw salmon in it. Guess what? I LIKED IT! I’m moving on up in the sushi world! (Is it sad if this makes me feel like an adult?) 😉

My friend Norah and I split the Captain Crunch roll (crab, shrimp, tempura crunch and Tobiko (which until just Googling .5 seconds ago, I had no idea it is FISH EGG. OMG I ATE THAT TODAY?!), and a Des Moines roll (salmon (!!), crab, avocado, cucumber).

Okay, now that I had a second to calm down after realizing I just ate fish eggs today, I’ll share this photo.

(Des Moines on left, Captain Crunch on right.)

It’s rather funny I decided to look up what Tobiko is because when choosing our rolls, Norah and I both said, “eh, I would probably rather not know what Tobiko is.” I hope she’ll be as surprised as I was. 🙂

Overall, Miyabi 9 was just as fantastic as Kristin says it is and I can’t wait to go back! Maybe I’ll pay more attention to the ingredients next time… 🙂

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    • My suggestion is to start slow. It took me a loooong time to work up the courage to try it but I really like it now! (The DSM roll was good, Chris!) 🙂

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