That Time We Camped During Winter

Who camps in the winter?  We do!

Thursday night, we looked at the weather and decided our camping itch just couldn’t shake and it wouldn’t be that cold, so I took a 1/2 day off work on Friday and we headed 30 minutes north to Charlestown State Park to take Grace on her first camping trip.

It was also our first camping trip with our own gear! We registered for a ton of camping stuff at Target and finally had the chance to utilize the goods. We love our tent! This is the one we have from Coleman and even though it says it’s a six-person tent, it really held the three of us without room for more.


It was um…windy…to say the least. But it held up pretty well!

We “cheat” and bring an air mattress when we camp. We also brought our new sleeping bags and tons of blankets because it was in the 40’s that night. Nothin’ like sleeping in the great outdoors (with a plush air mattress, sleeping bags and blankets).


We set up camp with no issues and declared it was Beer 30 pretty early on. Cheers to camping season! (We’re just not going to talk about how we got an inch of snow last night.)


Beer and campfires. Doesn’t get much better! We even decided to fully get in camping mode by buying some Bud Light Lime, which is the ultimate float-trip/110-degrees/sweating-your-face-off-camping beer. Am I right?


The boys played soccer and football, while Gracie chased them and wore herself out. We didn’t mind!


We basically had the whole campground to ourselves, which was so nice as we were trying to get Gracie used to knowing her limits and coming back to our campsite when she was told. Normally, when we go camping, the lots are full and Gracie will stay on a long Tie-Out leash (which she did for much of the time here), but we let her off occasionally this trip to “test” her. She passed, for the most part!


Building our campfire took some…err…effort…this time around, but after a bit, we had a raging fire to keep us warm! Danny looked like a lumberjack. 😉


Sara and I always joke that we eat better camping than at home, and that was certainly the case Friday night! We had brats, polish sausage, mac n cheese, green beans, corn and green peppers. I boiled the brats in beer on our new Coleman stove and we finished them off on the mini grill we brought. We also made mac n cheese on the stove. We cooked the green beans and corn in foil packets over the fire, and tossed the green peppers in a grill basket over the fire. Such a good dinner!







Have I mentioned how much I love camping?

We spent the rest of the night around the campfire, and tried to play some Euchre, but the wind made it a bit of a challenge.


Gracie was so worn out she fell asleep practically sitting up!


Danny and Sara headed home because they had early-morning stuff the next day, so it was just the three of us in our tent. Gracie fell asleep just fine on her bed that we brought, but at some point in the night, ended up crawling up to the air mattress with us. I think she was cold so we tucked her in between us and let her snuggle to keep warm. Don’t worry, we had SO may layers on top of the air mattress, there was no way her claws could pop it. She pretty much slept right on top of Kevin so I didn’t mind!


We woke up around 7:30 or 8 with the sun shining bright so we packed up and headed back to Louisville. Grace passed out like a light on the drive home. Ha! I think she enjoyed her first camping trip! Ya think?


We came home, ran some errands and I took the fattest nap ever before spending way too many hours than I care to admit cleaning out my car. A little embarrassing, no? It feels so good to have a clean car, though!

We had a little date night at Buffalo Wild Wings on Saturday to watch basketball. We’re not big on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (no idea why – we just don’t), so our beer was the same ole boring color as usual.


We spent our Sunday watching more basketball and Selection Sunday, doing laundry and lounging around. Because I cleaned out my car on Saturday, I found all my old CDs from high school so I decided to import them to my iTunes, look up the names of all the songs and transfer them to my iPhone. What a chore! I’m so glad it’s done, though.

Old school, Taking Back Sunday, I’ve missed you.


Well, that was our super fun weekend! Once again, it’s Monday and that’s depressing. But this week is another short one because I’m taking Friday off to head to St. Louis this weekend! We’re visiting the Lou because we have tickets to the basketball games on Sunday. I’m so pumped to spend a weekend in St. Louis without a wedding to plan! I don’t even know what that will be like, but I’m looking forward to it!

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4 thoughts on “That Time We Camped During Winter

  1. That’s awesome! We have a “big” tent too but it pretty much only has room for the air mattress (we use one, too!) and any bags we have with us! No idea how six people could really fit in there comfortably. Ha! Glad you had a fun weekend!

    • I just can’t believe Coleman (and other companies) can get away with saying it’s a six-person tent. Maybe a six-person tent for six-year-olds! It would be comical to fit six grown adults in our tent. I almost want to try it some time just to prove them wrong. 🙂

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