The Big City – Night 1

Oh. my. goodness.

I am going to have such a hard time describing how amazing my three-day trip to New York City was, but I’ll do the best I can in a series of recap posts.

Where should I start?

How about when I walked RIGHT by JAKE GYLLENHAAL  (omg those eyes. those lips.) on Broadway Ave. at the corner of 49th St. and was too star-struck to say anything or get my camera out in time to snap a picture of his face (I did get a picture, though)?

Or how about pictures of our lovely bagel breakfast in Central park on our last morning?

Or driving in New York City for the first time and surviving?

Or seeing Wicked for the first time on Broadway and crying because it was THAT GOOD?

No, no, I know. I’ll start with our visit to the Ed Sullivan Theater to see the taping of David Letterman.

So many wonderful things happened, so I guess I’ll start where I left off…Albany Day 2!

After my client event in Albany, my aunt and I hit up a local brewery, Brown Brewing Co., to grab dinner. You can’t go to a brewery and get water – you just can’t – so I ordered their Raspberry Cherry Ale. It might be one of the best beers I’ve ever had. Definitely top five!

For dinner, we decided to split two entrees. I ordered the burger with cheddar cheese and Pam got THE best salad either of us had ever tasted in our lives. It was mozzarella cheese, yellow tomatoes and prosciutto served in an iceberg lettuce cup topped with an herb dressing and balsamic vinaigrette. After eating this salad, that poor burger had no hope of getting eaten.

Albany was nice and cute, but I was itching to get to The Big Apple!

Driving in the Big City was quite an experience and I think it’s pretty cool to say I survived without getting in an accident AND no honking. Whoop whoop!

We crossed the George Washington bridge and arrived in The City with no problem! After dropping off our rental car, we grabbed a cab (only cab we took in NYC!) to check into our hotel.

Betcha can’t tell what client I was in New York for.

We stayed in Hotel Edison on 47th St. Our hotel was literally in Times Square and about five steps away from the center of the action. It was great to be so close to everything!  

The hotel is pretty old, but you know what? We were only in our rooms to shower and sleep so we didn’t care what it looked like (or how big it was).

And our view wasn’t anything special, but I’m a weirdo and immediately thought our view looked very “New York.”

After dropping off our bags, we began our search for dinner. One thing I don’t like about Times Square is that because it is a very touristy area, it’s hard to find reasonably-priced local restaurants. Sure, there’s Chili’s, Friday’s, Planet Hollywood and more, but we were in New York City, home of more than 23,000 restaurants! We wanted to find a local joint.

We ended up at an amazing Italian restaurant that served all their meals family style. This means the plates were between $15-35, but were designed to be shared between 2-3 people. Pam and I were exhausted from our long day and it was around 11 p.m., so we just got traditional Spaghetti with Meatballs. It did not disappoint!

They seated us in between a couple from Buffalo, NY celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary and a young couple from Brazil just visiting NYC. The restaurant was tiny, so we were practically touching the people on either side of us. Within moments, we were all striking up conversations and the couple from Brazil ordered a dessert to share between just them two. In the middle of our conversation, their dessert was brought out and all of our jaws dropped! We had never seen a bigger plate of ice cream, brownies and other goodies that was meant for just 2-3 people. Many pictures were taken and after a few bites, they decided to share with the rest of our “group.” I’m glad we didn’t order one for ourselves, but it was mighty tasty.

That would be a layer of warm brownie, vanilla ice cream, raspberry jam, chocolate ice cream, another warm brownie and chocolate ganache. Don’t forget the whip cream and chocolate drizzle.

After dinner and dessert, Pam and I walked around Times Square a bit more, stopped in some shops and called it a night.

That was our first night in New York City in a nutshell! I had been to NYC one other time, when I was 14 (so about nine years ago) and I vividly remember it. I remember the lights, different sights and energy the city had. It was great to go as a kid, but I have a whole new appreciation for the City after these last few days.

There’s so much more to talk about, so I will do a series of recaps throughout this next week. I originally planned on blogging a little bit each night, but our hotel charged $4 per 30 minutes for Wi-Fi (!), so I decided to spend my money elsewhere (like on bagels!)


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