The Great Clean-out of 2015

I’m not big on resolutions, but there is something I love about the start of a new year. This year, I had a little more than a whole week off work with no plans (well, besides Christmas and New Years), which was epic. Kevin was off for a few days too and we totally dominated the storages spaces in our house.

We cleaned out all three of our closets (yep, I had clothes in three closets) and went through every single drawer. There was a pile for keep, giveaway and sell. Giveaway was by far the largest pile, which was good for our objective: to downsize. The sell pile was a little unique though. I had originally thought I’d try to sell a few old items at Plato’s Closet, which buys used clothes and is targeted towards teens. But I also had some good, quality pieces that I had only worn a few times but didn’t like they want they looked or fit anymore. I thought they were too “mature” for Plato’s Closet, so I used thredUp.

On thredUp, you can buy or sell gently used clothing from name brands like Kate Spade, J. Crew, Banana Republic, etc. I divided my sell pile into two: Old Navy, American Eagle and Hollister-type clothes went to Plato’s Closet, and other name brand items went into the threadUp pile. My plan was set.

All you have to do with threadUp is order a sell kit online, which is free.


Just stuff your bag and have FedEx pick it up for you! They don’t take everything, but what they don’t buy, they recycle. (Or, you could request they ship back your clothes that weren’t purchased for $12.99.)


I’ll be sure to update this post when I hear from threadUp on what they will keep and how much each item is worth.

One bag down…a bunch more to go. Except, Plato’s Closet sucks. I kid you not, when I walked in, the woman told me that they were backed up and because she hadn’t taken a lunch break yet, she couldn’t go through my clothes. Allllrighty then. 

So I went off to Goodwill and dropped eight big bags full of clothes and shoes.


It feels so good to have gotten rid of stuff that we have no use for. Here’s to starting 2016 with less junk!

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    • Meh, I only got $10 so I’d rather just give to Goodwill or family friends. Wasn’t worth the hassle!

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