The move in more detail

Oh man you guys. The last few weeks, and the next couple of months or so, are going to be some of the craziest, most hectic of our lives thus far. But, I really want to document the madness because I love going back to look at these posts for my own memories. Plus, I want some empathy. 😉

So I suppose we should start from the top. Back in March, Kevin interviewed for the position at the St. Louis NWS. I can’t exactly remember what date, but I know it was late March. But then in April, when he was away in Kansas City, he found out that he got the position. BUT, we didn’t know when we’d move. So we went about our business for the rest of April and all of May hemhawing around, waiting to find out some info. It felt like eternity!

Even though we didn’t have a move date, we decided it would be best for me to start job hunting since that’s kinda imperative. Remember when we went to Destin? Those few days in STL beforehand were for interviews. Very long story short, I ended up accepting a position, mentioned here, at the end of May.

So I had a job, but we had no move date, which was just lovely.

Another long story short…for multiple reasons, I decided to start my job a month after accepting, even though we didn’t know when we were moving yet, so I moved in with my parents last weekend knowing that I’d be back and forth between St. Louis and Louisville quite often. (BTW, I had my first week of work this past week, which went great!)

Finally, though, the week before I moved to St. Louis, we got our move date! Our official date is August 7 (I think? lol. I swear…this process).

Just a few days ago, we put our house on the market. I won’t get into the details on that quite yet, but essentially we’re hoping that our house sells before we move. I should also mention that my husband is the best. He scrubbed the house, fixed all the things and really made it look amazing for the listing pictures and first couple of showings. My hero!


So I’m going to stop talking about the process, and turn to my last week at work, which was equal parts awesome and horrible.

As my close family and friends know, I l.o.v.e.d. my time at BCH. They truly made Louisville feel like home, and telling them I was leaving was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. But I gave them plenty of notice and I think the transition is going to be okay. With that being said, though, they threw me an awesome going away celebration! After work one day of my last week, the whole PR team (new and old!) went to Holy Grale, my favorite spot in the city.


We had a few beers and they gifted me with the best gift on earth, my own BCH hockey jersey. I talk about hockey at work alllll the time and people in Louisville just don’t get it. But they get me. <3


On my last day, we had a jam session dedicated to all my favorite songs. It was the greatest playlist ever created.

And our beloved receptionist sang to meeeeeeee.


When all was said and done, my desk was so empty and sad. Obviously, I didn’t want to sit there much longer than needed, so we booked it to the basement and then over to Feast for my last BCH happy hour.


On Saturday, we went out to the LCFC soccer game with Danny and Sara!


We met my coworker and her family there and her child, Mikel, provided entertainment for the evening (soccer, what?).


I told you my coworkers were like family here. <insert sobbing emoji>


After the game, Danny, Sarah, Kevin and I went to Manny & Merle for dinner and then out to the bars. Maj. regret the next day. But it’s fine. #worthit


Sunday was rough with a capital R. Not only because we stayed out way too late on Saturday, but also because it was my last day officially living in Louisville. We’ve been so busy that all of a sudden, it was my last day and when it arrived, I just wasn’t ready to leave. Plain and simple. I cried the first hour of the drive to St. Louis (which is crazy because I’m thrilled to be moving back home, but everything is happening so fast and there are so many emotions). I’m doing better now.

I’m also not going to get into the emotions of selling the house but let me tell you, I’m kinda a wreck over it. I adore our first home so much. Saying goodbye is going. to. suck.

I know that this stage in our life is temporary. I know it’s okay to be sad to leave this place, because it’s been so good to us. And I know it’s okay to be happy to move to St. Louis, to jobs that are so great for our careers. And most importantly, I know that God has a plan and we’re trying really, really hard to lean on Him and trust what He wants for us.

Enough rambling. I’m out!

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2 thoughts on “The move in more detail

  1. Oh, man. This is hard stuff! Not only will you be saying goodbye to a place and people who mean a lot to you, but you have to live apart for the summer? Praying the process goes smoothly and quickly and you are feeling settled in this transition soon.

    • Right?! It’s going to be a tough month, and stressful rest of the summer. But…we’re making it! Thanks for the prayers. We appreciate it!

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