The Move

Moving is such a joy, isn’t it? But let’s be honest, I have very little to complain about. Because we moved for Kevin’s work, they cover the relocation package and it’s pretty nice. Just like when we moved from Des Moines to Louisville, we had movers come and pack up our place, put it in storage for two months, and deliver it all on the other side.

The movers took two days to pack and move out everything this time, which was a little inconvenient. Thankfully, though, we were able to stay with Danny and Sara our last night in town since our bed was moved out and packed in the truck!


We got so lucky with the sale of our house. We put our house up for sale and six hours later, we had accepted an offer over asking price. After negotiating inspections and getting through the appraisal, we had our closing date set in stone and we spent the last few weeks enjoying (and cleaning!) our home.

There are a lot of amazing things about having movers. But it does suck having all of your stuff in storage for two months, so we went through the house and pulled aside things we didn’t want packed away for months. Things like: important paperwork, clothes, toiletries, cleaning supplies (can’t be packed into storage anyways) and anything else we may need to have access to. It is physically impossible to get our stuff until we have it all delivered; the moving company puts it in storage in either South Carolina or Pennsylvania and we literally have no idea where it is.


(Spoiler alert. It fit.)

Another downfall of having movers? We have to be there when they are packing, but we’re supposed to stay out of their way. We can’t move anything because the moving company is liable for all of our stuff. I worked from home the first day they were there (and made sure they didn’t pack the internet router!), which was fine, but I’m glad I took off the following day.

I documented most of the move through Snapchat since there were so many weird, funny things that happened.








Once the first day was done, our house was pretty cluttered. We cleaned up and headed over to Danny and Sara’s for our very last night in Louisville. But…more on that later. 😉

Day two of moving! We couldn’t cook anything, so we stopped and grabbed McDonald’s for coffee and breakfast. Then, we camped out in the living room while the rest of the boxes were moved out.


Pretty soon, the movers were on their way out and we had the house all to ourselves. We spent the next few hours enjoying our last day in our house and cleaning it for the new owners.


Pretty soon, though, it was time for us to say goodbye, forever.


I’ve written about saying goodbye to our first home already, so I won’t get into that again but this little first house of ours was truly the very best home we could have ever asked for, and we’re so grateful for the 3.5 years we had there.


Xoxo, first house.


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