The Schurs!


First and foremost, I just have to say I am beyond happy for my very best friend Katie and her new husband, Jake!

Believe me, this blog post won’t do justice for how beautiful and FUN their wedding was! I can’t believe they are MARRIED! I remember last July when Katie called to tell me they were engaged and when she asked me to be her maid of honor! I just can’t wipe this smile off my face, so I can only imagine how they are feeling.

most beautiful bride. ever.

I’m apologizing now for this post being way too long, possibly not making sense and being full of typos.

Also, this post will contain a million pictures. Taking it from the top!

Kevin and I left for Boston Thursday evening and we were practically bouncing in our seats on the plane with excitement. We explored Boston on Friday with our friends Jackie and Kelsi and had an absolute blast! It was mine and Kev’s first time in Boston and we really enjoyed the city – everything from the sites, history, accent (Bawwwstun!), food, people and Cheers!


Visited Harvard!

Touched John Harvard’s foot for good luck (actually, I touched the wrong foot), and washed our hands immediately after…we heard those rumors are true!

Ate nearby at Grafton Street. I got the fish tacos – highly recommended (and only $8?)!

Walked the Freedom Trail.

Visited Paul Revere’s house.

Got cannoli’s at Mike’s Pastry’s (first time trying a cannoli – my new favorite!).

Had beers at Cheers (where everybody knows your name).

Had a few more beers.

Made friends with the bartender who let Jackie pour our beers (Wachusett Blueberry for me!)

Made better friends with the bartender who let me pour our shots.

Visited America’s Oldest Restaurant.

And finished the evening by walking back to the train station.

We reaaaaallly liked Bawstun. 🙂

When we got back to Worcester (apparently pronounced – ‘wis-stah’ or ‘woo-stah,’ not ‘wor-chester’ as I kept saying), we grabbed a couple more drinks with Katie, Jake, some members of the bridal party and their families. This was the perfect way to really kick off the wedding weekend!

On Saturday we drove to Sterling to see where Jake lives and visit Katie’s favorite ice cream shop – Rota-Spring Farm!

Then we got ready for the rehearsal!

Practice made perfect. 🙂

Then we gathered for a fantastic rehearsal dinner at a nearby restaurant. I just love them. 🙂

After the rehearsal festivities, all the bridesmaids hung out in Katie’s room for manis/pedis and lots of girl talk.


We packed our pockets full of tissues and nearly had to use them as soon as Katie stepped into her dress. She just looked so beautiful and happy, I think it brought the whole room to tears!

And because I was standing two feet away from Jake and Katie during the wedding, I don’t have any pictures of the ceremony, but it was incredibly beautiful.

We were all so happy!

The reception started with a wonderful cocktail hour outside.

Then we headed in to eat dinner and dance the night away!

They had so much fun!

We woke up the next morning for a fantastic brunch and watched them open their gifts.

Is their guestbook not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Katie’s grandpa made it for them!

After packing up, we headed to a nearby winery to spend more time together before parting our ways.

Congratulations again, Katie & Jake!

I was so honored and happy to be a part of your special day and I could not be more excited for you two!

I’m off to go finish uploading pictures to Facebook. I may or may not have some embarrassing ones, friends. 😉

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