On Toilet Plungers

I thought my year was bad so far, until Kevin made me call Kroger and ask them if they carried toilet plungers before he drove up to purchase one.

That’s how badly we need one. I won’t go into detail.

It also was the single most awkward phone conversation I’ve ever had.

After spilling an entire glass of red wine* on my 2011 MacBook Pro (mind you, the most expensive thing I own and my first “big girl” purchase), minutes before the ball dropped last night, I have done nothing but pray that the Apple store will be able to fix it without me having to shell out my life’s savings.

On a good note, however, I got to see Katie and Jake tonight for dinner as they stopped in Louisville while driving across the country from Arizona to Boston. And I loved every second of it. Thanks, guys.

*the sad part is that I wasn’t even drunk. I was pouring Kevin a glass of wine with dinner.

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