Throw Back Thursday – Old Crap Edition

The ultimate Throwback Thursday post!

When my parents came in town this past weekend, they dropped off ALL of my stuff. I mean, all of it. Boxes on boxes on boxes of crap that I have acquired over the course of my 24 years of life.

I began going through some of those bins tonight and found a whole gem of all goodies.

I have a good pile going to Goodwill, but some of the stuff I just cannot imagine giving away. Like this picture I found in an old frame. This was from mine and Kevin’s first float trip together at Blue Springs in 2008. We look like babies!

IMG_2999 And my old cell phone that I had freshman year of college. It still turned on and I was able to back and read some old texts! I used “LOL” wayyyyyyyy too much.

IMG_3001 And then I found the gem of all gems. My high school senior video. I made Kevin watch it with me and it brought back a flood of memories. ’07!

IMG_3003Which included a tutorial on how to make an oreo shake by my dear friends Todd and Trevor. I loved it even more seven years later.

photo (1) Some things I have a hard time giving away. Although I don’t wear this hoodie much, I can’t part with it yet! I spent six years (five? six?) of my life as a lifeguard at Dellwood (dellhood!) and my first year of lifeguarding we entered the American Red Cross Lifeguard Competition. Sounds official, right? We apparently took it pretty seriously because little ole Dellwood ended up winning the whole thing, and I somehow won Most Valuable Lifeguard of the competition. (I think the only reason they gave me that award is because they felt bad for having me rescue the fattest man I’ve ever seen.)

Moral of this story? Goodwill isn’t getting this hoodie.


I also have around 100 senior photos left. Anyone want to trade? (Laura – I have your name written on the back of one. Sorry, I’ll give it to you next time I see you. Hopefully you haven’t been missing it too much.)

IMG_3006 All girls everywhere. Remember this bag that we used to wear on our backs? I remember getting mine for my 15th birthday from a friend and man, that thing is dirty and old now.

IMG_3007 And then I found my CHAMPIONS ON ICE 1998 program (which actually included the show ticket stub – $17.50 baby!). I figure skated growing up and I was obsessed with Tara Lipinski and Scott Hamilton.

IMG_3011If it were up to Kevin (or my dad), all of it would have gone in the trash, but I’m glad I took the time to go through each thing in the boxes. My living room looks like a 15-year-old girl’s closet threw up in it, but you know, I’m working on it.

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