Thunder Over Louisville

This past week was one of those weeks where giving up my career and becoming a dog hoarder sounded pretty darn good. You’ve been there too.

I somehow survived and thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.

We stocked up on spring gear on our most recent trip to Home Depot, which included the purchase of a shiny new lawnmower.

IMG_2838 We’ve been doing our fair share of weed pulling around here, but our yard is looking so much better thanks to a little TLC!

I even mowed the lawn for the first time in six years yesterday as a surprise to Kevin while he was at work. Turns out, I’m still allergic to grass. I was a little miserable.

IMG_2840 After Kevin got off work, we headed downtown to Thunder Over Louisville, a big air show and firework display to kick off Kentucky Derby Festival.

IMG_2887We met up with our friends Kevin and Kirsten and their two friends from Kirsten’s school. The show was awesome! The cold weather and two-mile walk back to our car, was not.

IMG_2891 IMG_2892Tonight Kevin’s mom and sister came over to dinner and to see the house and its progress. Next weekend, my parents come!

PS Reese Witherspoon got arrested!?!?


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    • Well I mean, we’re twins. But seriously, don’t ever cut grass if you’re allergic. The worst.

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