Tick Hike

Boo. Hoo. Mondays.

Even though I only had a 3.5 day work week last week, it seemed to drag on, which, naturally, made the weekend fly by.

Except from now until Labor Day, I have Summer Fridays to look forward to. Nothin’ better!

My first summer Friday was spent napping, naturally, thanks to a bit of afternoon rain.

IMG_3325But Saturday and Sunday were beautiful, and lots of outside-time happened.

IMG_3342 IMG_3345 Unfortunately for the three of us, a little too much outdoors happened.

I found this new-to-us park, Jefferson Memorial Forest, and thought Sunday would be a great time to go for a long hike. I picked a moderate hike, although Kev and I both argue it should be considered advanced because we were dying halfway through, and didn’t bring any water or snacks. And neither of us are that out of shape. (Ok I am. Good try, G.)

After an hour hike, we headed back to the car to chug some water. While driving home, Kevin found a tick crawling on him so we dumped the sucker outside. When we got home, however, it was a whole other ball game.

Seven ticks picked off Grace, two midnight loads of washing the bedsheets, one midnight sesh of running the vacuum and one dog in her crate quarantined in the kitchen later, I found myself sleeping in the guest bedroom upstairs (where Gracie hadn’t been so I knew there were no ticks).

I found three more ticks on Gracie throughout the day today, but I think (CROSSING FINGERS) they’re all gone. I GREW UP camping, hiking, boating and floating with dogs. I’ve had/seen ticks and worse (one time I had a leech – blech!) before, but for some reason these ticks last night really freaked me out. Maybe it’s because I just kept finding them. I’d think we’d be done and then another one would pop up out of nowhere!


Anyways, you won’t find us back at the Jefferson Memorial Forest any time soon. Not to mention they found a body there three days before we went. Nooooo thank you.

In between picking ticks off each other, I made THIS last night. I’m not even going to post the recipe because I followed this one to exactly. Go make it. Right now. It’s wonderful. It’s even better the next day for lunch.

IMG_3350 After I got off work today, I cleaned some more and worked on a little Pinterest craft I had my eyes on for awhile. We have a bookshelf next to our TV that houses our Internet box and I was looking for a way to disguise it. I think it turned out pretty well! Sure, it’s a little sloppy but I have roughly zero patience, so for me, this is great.

IMG_3355 We made this salmon and had a glass of wine with dinner. It was lovely.

IMG_3357Remember when our TV broke forever ago? Someone is FINALLY coming tomorrow to fix it. You’d think that by not having a TV for three weeks we’d be skinnier, healthier and more active? I think we’ve been crabbier. Sure, I’ll admit that we have spent more time outside on the deck, but I really just want to watch TV again! There’s playoff hockey on TV, people!!! (By the way, I’m ‘cheering’ for the Bruins this year. More on that another day.)


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    • Well, I suppose I could go to my freezer and dig the container out that has them all? We froze them because they don’t die otherwise!! I don’t want to take them out until I know they’re DEAD DEAD DEAD!

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