Visit Home to St. Louis – Part II

Friday night, we were all excited because the Cards won the first Cards vs. Cubs game. (Let’s not talk about how that series ended, k?) We slept in and leisurely ate breakfast before we got ready for the day.

Nala woke up like this on Saturday morning. Ha!


Later that afternoon, we ventured over the bridge to Alton, Illinois to check out a new brewery in town.


My parents happened to find it when checking out the farmer’s market a few months ago, and fell in love. They couldn’t wait to bring us!


This. place. was. so. cool.


For anyone who lives in or visits St. Louis, it’s worth the trip to Illinois. I promise!


Mom and I started with a flight. They had FOUR different IPAs on tap. FOUR. We were in heaven.


They also had a decent food menu! Can’t go wrong with pretzels and beer cheese.


Cheers to good times and family!



After the brewery, we went to Fast Eddie’s, which was practically next door. Fast Eddie’s is a St. Louis landmark and a local favorite.


The beer is cold and the food is cheap.



On Sunday, we slept in again, watched the football games and ate. A lot. I swear, whenever I come home from St. Louis, I have to go on a major diet the next few days in order to still fit into my jeans.

Thanks for feeding me well and giving me a good time with family, St. Louie. ‘Til next time!

P.S. Could you all spare a few extra prayers tonight? My roommate from college, sorority sister and good friend was pregnant with triplets and for some reason unknown to us, God took her beautiful boys to be with Him in heaven. Prayers for comfort and healing would be appreciated by her and her husband, I’m sure. 

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