Viva Las Vegas!

After a very eventful flight (the guy behind me puked the whole 4.5 hours, there was a little stupid yippie dog to my right that barked the whole time and small children sat in the seat in front of me – I WANTED TO JUMP FROM THE PLANE), I got to Vegas around 9 a.m.

I can’t believe I was only in Vegas for a little more than 24 hours because I feel like I was there for 10 days, drinking every minute and dancing in six-inch heels. But really, all I did was work media events for a client (all. night. long.)


Thankfully, this was my LAST work trip of 2012 and I am just a day and a half away from completely UNPLUGGING from work, home buying, wedding planning and life in general. Once I hit that boat, my phone is going OFF for five days of glorious relaxation and fun with Kevin and friends. Counting down the minutes already.

While I wasn’t in Las Vegas for very long, I did cram as much in as possible (typical) to feel like going out there was worth it.

Of course, when I first arrived, I was greeted with slot machines in the airport.


I caught a cab and headed to my hotel, Mandalay Bay on the strip. Mandalay Bay is at the far south end, but the hotel was absolutely gorgeous and I’d highly recommend staying here again. When I checked in and told the person I was there for business, she gave me a free suite upgrade! Wahoooooo!


I had a great view of the Luxor hotel and double doors to my giant bathroom.


Mandalay Bay is also home of the Vegas House of Blues. This was the entrance – apparently it’s invitation only and was all blocked off.


I walked around and checked out some of the restaurants. This one had the biggest wine rack I’d ever seen!


I sat down and enjoyed a delicious sushi lunch at Mizuya in my hotel while I scoped out a Vegas map.


With all of my friends (traveling for work makes you feel like a real loser sometimes).

IMG_1378After lunch I went exploring.


I spy New York! I have been to Las Vegas three times now – the first two times I went when I was younger (before 21) and I don’t remember seeing this hotel either time. Is it new?


Kevin, who went to Vegas this past April with his college roommates and Danny, told me I would love this hotel and he was right!


I made some sport bets ($10 worth – high rollin’) at this hotel and I felt like a complete idiot because I didn’t know how to do it. Ha ha amateur.


The only thing that I really wanted to do in New York when I went in May, but didn’t have the chance to do, was see the Brooklyn Bridge. This helped fill my void until I get back there again soon.


Then, I went next door to the Bellagio!


I did a bit of gambling here at the Bellagio. I sat down at a Wizard of Oz penny slot and the guy next to me just happened to win $2,500. Meanwhile, I lost $7 on that machine and bolted with envy.


After the Bellagio, I went to Casear’s Palace to walk through.



I only had a few hours to explore by myself before I had client events, so I really took advantage of my time and hustled around the strip to hit as many casinos and hotels as possible! I think I did pretty well for myself. The only one I didn’t get to that I really wanted to was The Venetian.

And while I drove by the Bellagio at night, I didn’t see the fountains either. 🙁

Next time, next time.

IMG_1396Vegas was fun, but it wasn’t your typical “Vegas” experience for obvious reasons. And, because I had a 5:22 a.m. flight to get to Vegas, I was exhausted. It didn’t help that I had client events at 12:30 a.m. (PST…which was really 3:30 a.m. my time) and 5:30 a.m. that night/morning. Tired was an understatement.

At least my returning flight was better – the guy next to me looked like Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl!

When I got home last night a little after midnight, I literally collapsed on the bed and made Kevin take off my shoes for me and I just zonked out. I didn’t even unpack, which is very unlike my Type-A self.

Now we have to get through work today and tomorrow and we will be on our way to St. Louis to spend a night with my family before leaving for our CRUISE on SATURDAY! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

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