We. Have. A. Screen.

Last time we talked, I was pissed. I was hating homeownership and feeling pretty down in the dumps about the fact that we don’t have screens in our house.


Our whole world has changed.

Kevin and I successfully created ONE screen for a window!


You have no idea how exciting this is to us.

  • 7 trips to Home Depot
  • 3 trips to Lowe’s
  • 44 “I don’t think this is going to work” moments
  • 2 beers and
  • 1 buffalo chicken pizza later…


We have a screen. And we only managed to get ONE hole in it! (Don’t worry, we’re going to repair it.)

I’ll be back later with a post including step-by-step instructions on how we, two non-professional-screen-builders, created screens for our weird windows.

In the meantime, I really feel the need to talk about the second best American-Mexican food I’ve ever had in my life. (First place obviously goes to the late Casa Gallardo.)

El Torazo in Louisville is SO. GOOD. Like so good. We hoard their coupons and call it our go-to restaurant whenever we don’t feel like cooking. Their chips are always warm and the service is perfect.

IMG_2820Did I mention the 2-for-1 margaritas every day (every. day.)? And they bring them out this way? No, really, they give you two margaritas, at the same time, but you only pay for one.


But for some odd reason, their ice-cold Pacificos are even better than the margs.

IMG_2822My favorite meal? The Fajita Chimichanga – basically a fried burrito smothered in cheese. I mean, you can’t go wrong.


And now for its close-up.

IMG_2824It is deeeeelicious and I could not recommend it enough.

So that’s all for tonight folks. Screens and Mexican food. Story of our recent lives.


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2 thoughts on “We. Have. A. Screen.

  1. Glad you got a screen finished! Don’t give up on the housework DIY stuff. It takes time, and most all projects fight back at least a little bit. FYI, We haven’t been able to use our kitchen table in a month because the seedlings I started for the garden (which are all struggling to live/dying because they need to be in the ground but it’s too wet and cold still) have taken over. So, just remember that it’s never as easy as it seems, but it’s always worth it. Just take it one project at a time and you’ll be fine!

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