Wedding Productivity

Thank you to everyone who wished us a congrats on our big news from this past Thursday!

For the next couple weeks, I’m sure the blog will be full of house stuff, so I want to focus on our wedding weekend we just got back from tonight.

The first, and perhaps the most exciting, wedding task to complete this past weekend was our food tasting! When picking our reception venue, we knew we liked what the place looked like, but we were really excited to learn about our caterer. Steve runs his own business and does all of the cooking himself. He has set buffet menus, but he’s able to completely customize anything we want.

For instance, he had a bride who really wanted her late grandmother’s recipe featured as the main course, so Steve made her grandma’s dish straight from her recipe. How cool!

At our tasting, we tried the traditional wedding foods, including roast beef, veggies, potatoes and all of our favorites – the chicken modiga. Going into this tasting, Kev and I both wanted to ask about “non traditional” wedding food because we wanted something different to be served at our wedding, but Steve’s “traditional food” blew us away. It was so good!

My dad ordered seconds and as he handed over the deposit, he said, “What?! I’m allowed to get seconds…this is the most expensive dinner I’ve ever had!”

IMG_2146 We didn’t make any decisions on our menu (except for the open bar package – which was a given), but we tasted a lot of great things and had an awesome time getting to know Steve and his staff. I think our food is going to be pretty freaking good – I hope our guests come hungry.

After the food tasting, we walked across the street and headed to a bar with high hopes to make this the ‘after party’ place. We talked to one of the managers and he said we can reserve the back room with no problem! I could have headed back to Louisville that night feeling accomplished wedding-wise.

IMG_2147 On Saturday we had some florist appointments which went just fine. I really liked the first florist we went to, and her prices seemed reasonable so I think we’ve made our decision with the flowers.

After florist appointments, we went to my grandparent’s house for dinner with the whole fam (minus Brendan 🙁 ) that night. Pork steaks and potatoes – a St. Louis/Bladdick Family typical meal.

IMG_2151 Grandpa absolutely loves talking baseball and football, so he had the chance to break out his old autograph book and show Kevin (and my dad, who I think has seen it 400 times). Then we watched the 1999 Rams Superbowl highlights on VHS. Oh, grandpa. 😉

IMG_2155 IMG_2158 Today we did some house stuff (like trips to Home Depot!), visited with my other grandma and showed my parents our church! I love it even more than I did before, if that’s possible. It’s so ornate and old – it’s perfect.

(We visited right after a baptism got over so I felt bad taking a lot of pictures.)

IMG_2161 Look at these details!

IMG_2163 IMG_2165 After visiting the church, Kev and I hit the road and headed back to Louisville. We have a LONG week ahead of packing up our apartment, closing on our house, painting it and moving in…all this week and weekend. Yikes and holy stress. BUT, we’ve been through the moving process before and we’re pretty much pros.



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  1. So fun! I have to admit that I kind of miss all the fun that went with wedding planning (tastings! excitement!) but I would never want to back up and be “unmarried” again. Can I just have another wedding, please? And will my parents still pay for most of it, pretty please?

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