Wedding Wednesday

This is officially the “I have two dresses and Kevin has nothing to wear to our wedding” edition of Wedding Wednesday!

No, I don’t have two wedding dresses, sillies. I LOVE my dress – it’s hanging in the guest bedroom closet as we speak and I go up and look at it approximately 4 times per day. Anyways, I found a dress for the rehearsal, or bachelorette party or one of my showers!

You see, Kev and I spent Sunday hunting for suits. We were trying to solve the buy-a-suit vs. rent-a-tux for the wedding debate. We both like the more casual look of a suit and we know buying a suit makes more sense for Kevin, but renting a tux is oh-so much easier for the dudes. And let’s be honest, dudes like easy (HAH didn’t even mean for that to be funny).

We went to a bunch of different stores and ended up wandering the mall, which led us into Express! Turns out, they were having a 30% off sale on their dresses, so I tried a few on.

I found this lovely white number which I think will be perfect for a wedding-related event like a wedding shower, bachelorette party or even the rehearsal! I haven’t decided yet what I’ll wear it for yet, but I lurve it with a capital LURV.

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 9.27.52 PM Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 9.28.14 PMWhile we were out and about, Kev also picked up a couple new pairs of shorts and shirts for the summer (he shopped!). Unfortunately, we didn’t decide on wedding attire for him, but we’re not too worried about it. He won’t go naked, we promise 😉


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One thought on “Wedding Wednesday

  1. We wanted to go with a suit, but because of ease, ended up going with Men’s Warehouse deal in which you rent a bunch of tuxes and get a suit (to keep) for free after the wedding. Best of both worlds, and it was fine except Hubs says rented tuxes never fit him. (He’s a bit shorter than most dudes.) We did buy a special tie for him to wear since we didn’t like any of their rental options. (Our preacher ended up wearing the one that came with Wyatt’s tux-Ha!) We also made our own pocket scarves to match our colors since they didn’t have any of those and we didn’t do corsages. Good luck deciding!
    Love the dress!

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