Weekend is Almost Near

Woo! Today is our Thursday (we’re both taking Friday off) so we celebrated with a Mexican feast.

photo 1 (1) Check out this awesome Christmas present my Aunt Pam got us – a tortilla warmer! (Sorry, yes I had just unpacked this, Pam. We love it, even if we’re using it four months later.)

photo 2 (1) And to top it off – Coronas!

photo 4Tomorrow my parents arrive and we have a long list of things we want to get done around the house on our three-day weekend. The list goes on and on and on, but here are a few things (don’t read this yet mom and dad. Or if you do, please still come.)

  • Install new patio door 
  • Install patio door window treatments
  • Paint “the green room” (my office/guest bedroom)
  • Change current master bedroom furniture with my bedroom furniture
  • Move current master bedroom furniture upstairs to guest bedroom
  • Fix basement crack
  • Do some more screens
  • Have my dad look at the broken lights outside
  • Have my dad fix the front storm door
  • Cut down the branches in the backyard and take to the dump
  • Take the old vertical blinds to the dump

And most importantly – play with Nala! They’re bringing her and I’m so excited to play with my good ole pup from home. 😉

One more day and then the weekend!!

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