Weekend Love

Do you ever have one of those weekends where it was so good, on Monday morning you wake up in tears that it’s over? That happened to me. Those tears were worth it though!

We kicked off last weekend a bit early with a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursday with friends for their cold beers and $.60 wings. We ate at Bdubs way too many times in college (fun fact: it was mine and Kevin’s first real date – now you see how we got to be such romantic people), but it is still one of my favorites.



Wings, baby! With enough for leftovers.


We had Danny and Sara back over on Friday night for a couple rounds of Euchre. Sara and I learned how to play quite a few years ago when the four of us took a trip to Gatlinburg. It has taken YEARS for us to master the game but I think we finally found our groove because we kicked some boy’s butt. (It’s always girls vs. boys with the four of us.)


On Saturday, we worked on our shelves for the majority of the day (that post is coming tomorrow!) before having Danny and Sara BACK over (we don’t get sick of them ;)) to Skype with our friends Peter and Ali! Peter was Kevin’s roommate in college and a groomsmen in our wedding. They just got engaged (!) and we try to Skype with them every once in awhile to catch up. It’s not our fault when our Skype sessions really mean Power Hours. One hour later and a lot of empty beer cans and…well…it was a fuuuuuuun Saturday night.


We woke up…er…late on Sunday and completed up our shelves. Just look at this masterpiece!


We wrapped up the weekend with having Danny, Sara, Kevin and Kirsten over for the Golden Globes (go JLaw!).

Such a fun, fun weekend and it came to an end all too quickly. Are Summer Fridays here yet?

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  1. Seems like you have 2 8’X 2×4 pieces left. How many 18″ pieces will you have to cut from them 10?

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