Weekend Recap

Well HELLOOOOOOO! How was your weekend? Ours was great. Wanna hear about it? K good.

We stayed in on Friday night and played board games and drank bourbon. It was quite honestly the perfect night at home. Although, we played with the new credit card version of Monopoly and after the first bourbon, the thousands somehow turned into millions. Even as the banker, I still lost… #blamethebourbon


We woke up on Saturday and took is slow (obviously), but worked up enough energy and motivation to head to our new gym to get a run in. Kevin is still nursing a pulled hammy from a soccer game, but I got 2.60 miles in and it felt soooooo good. Also, our new gym has Wi-Fi so I just watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix…which I think helps me run faster without realizing it. This will be a bad thing come February when I’m going to be forced to run 13.1 miles with the Lorelais to keep me distracted.

Anywho. Saturday was a gorgeous fall day, so after the gym, we went back home and attempted to take a Christmas card photo. Easier said that done.


Here are some outtakes.


Gracie was being a huuuuuge shithead and was in no mood to cooperate, which was weird because normally she’s the most tolerable, go-with-the-flow dog.


After 20 minutes of yelling at her to quit eating the leaves, she finally decided to sit and stay…but by that time, Kev and I were checked out and decided that what we had was good enough. We kept joking that having kids in the picture would be easier (don’t yell at me moms, we were joking).


We ran about a million errands on Saturday in attempt to FINALLY decorate our living room. Yes, we’re well aware that we have lived in our house for nearly two years. We suck.

To celebrate surviving 10 stores on a Saturday two months before Christmas, we had dinner at BoomBozz. Okay, really we were there celebrating Kevin’s dad, who we celebrate every year on Nov. 7.

We started with a couple of beers and their beer cheese/pretzel dip. We inhaled. It was delicious. All is good in the world when you have beer and beer cheese in front of you.


We normally have no trouble deciding on a pizza to split, but we wanted two different things so we got individual pizzas and chowed. No leftovers for us. That’s embarrassing.


Today wasn’t all that exciting, except that we started the process of hanging things on our walls. Maybe in two more years, we’ll actually have frames…

Have I mentioned how much I hate decorating? Because I do.


But on that note, we had a fabulous weekend aaaaaaaaaand I’m already wishing it was next Friday.


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