Weekend Recap

And so we meet again, Sunday night. Another great weekend in the books!

On Friday morning when Kev and I were both at work, he text me about going up to Cincinnati for the Cardinals vs. Reds game when we got off work. I knew he wasn’t joking and I was all for it, so I immediately text Danny & Sara and bought some cheap bleacher seats. Nine hours later, we were thoroughly enjoying the American dream!

IMG_3384Despite this picture, I was NOT the only Cardinals fan there! There were plenty and it was a blast watching my Birds win (by a lot).

Kev and I always have little arguments over the Cardinals and Reds, and we always try to convince each other why our team is the best. It’s all in good fun! (Thank goodness Cincinnati doesn’t have an NHL team. I couldn’t handle us disagreeing on a hockey team.)

IMG_3387As of Saturday afternoon, we can officially say our house is TICK FREE because I cleaned like a mad woman. Gracie’s been tick free since early last week, but we really deep-cleaned our house to give me peace of mind. This included freezing our pillows/blankets (thanks for that trick, mom!).

Earlier this morning Kevin had to go into work, so I worked on a few wedding-related crafts. And when Kev got home, we headed right to the kitchen to install our new faucet!

IMG_3411 We watched a lot of YouTube, read the package directions and double checked with my dad that we were doing everything correctly. Really, it was simple and in less than an hour, we had a bright and shiny new faucet. (And one that doesn’t leak!)


While this weekend wasn’t the most exciting of all weekends, we have a lot of fun ones coming up in the near future:

  • Next weekend we’re going up to Cinci for Danny’s parent’s 30th anniversary renewal 
  • The following week we’ll be in St. Louis for the Jack’s Mannequin/OAR concert!
  • Then my grandparents and aunt will be visiting (and seeing our house for the first time!)
  • Then Danny and Sara move down here
  • And then I’m going to my good friend Jess’ wedding while Kevin has his bachelor party
  • Then Peter is here to visit
  • And then we’re going to Cave Run with Danny and Sara and Sara’s family
  • Next is another wedding we’re invited to
  • Then I have my wedding shower on Kevin’s side of the family

And then it’s August. Woah.

I’m off to watch the Cardinals take this series! (Hopefully.)

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