Weekend Surprise

Thanksgiving was all sorts of wonderful. Strep throat the day before my family arrived was not, but I survived. But before I get to all of the goodness of Thanksgiving, I must talk about the weekend before.

You see, I casually came home from work on Friday evening like every other Friday. And I walked in my house to Kevin sitting at our kitchen table with one of my best friends from college and her boyfriend.


What a surprise my husband and Kristina pulled off! After I calmed down a bit, we took them to our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Torazo for delicious food and margaritas, of course.


After that, we headed over to Tin Roof for some more drinks. Obviously.


On Saturday morning/afternoon, we ventured over to Wild Eggs for brunch…another one of my favorites.


After a fat catnap, we took them out to dinner and out for more drinks at Flat12 just over the river.


It was too short, but a great weekend with one of my besties!


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