Weekend Update

Well, how was your weekend? I feel like mine was almost nonexistent because of work stuff, but we still managed to fit a lot of fun in. Friday night was spent at a work event, which ended up turning out great! I woke up on Saturday and ran some errands, which included picking up our shirts for the half marathon! By the time I got home, Kev was ready to run, so we headed to the gym to get in a couple of miles before meeting our friends for dinner at our favorite, El Torazo. Cough, four, cough margs later, a few of us headed to the UofL mens hockey game. SO FUN. Tiny little rink with barely any sitting, so we got to stand along the boards. Again, so fun. We somehow ended up at Holy Grale for beers and beer cheese…not that I’m complaining. On Sunday, I spent my morning recovering from the night before and left that afternoon for Indianapolis for work. We had some meetings up there Sunday night and Monday morning, and I can’t believe we made it home alive last night because we got a ton of snow yesterday, with more expected tonight! The weekend flew by, but it was another great one and I’m already looking forward to next weekend because DISNEY.


^We got our shirts printed at a local store called Dirty Tease. Highly recommended!


^Go hockey! PS Dress warm. This rink had no heat.


^I could live off Holy Grale’s beer cheese.



^Gracie, being an Iowa girl, absolutely loves all the snow we got.


^My car, however, does not. #newcarshopping


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