Weekend Update

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Monday, oh Monday. You always come too soon. How was your weekend?! Mine was great!

Kevin was gone all week so Friday night was my first real time spent with my handsome hubby. I talked him into taking me out to our favorite local restaurant, El Torazo (yes, again).

photo 2

It did not disappoint!

photo 3

Kev and Danny had to work over the weekend so Sara and I ventured up to Cincinnati on Saturday.

First stop: cake tasting for her upcoming wedding! I didn’t get to indulge in this fun task since we didn’t have a cake at our wedding. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m probably going to have five pieces of cake at their wedding.

photo 4

We ran a few other errands, including a trip by Crate & Barrel so I could do a little shopping to finish up our wedding registry. While we were up there, we also met up with the rest of Sara’s bridesmaids for bridesmaid dress shopping, which was a success! We all found our dresses. Mine is the one below, but in grey. SO cute!

photo 1

Today after work, I received a cute little care package from my momma. Yep, 25-years-old and still getting care packages. 🙂 She sent me some gummy Airborne since I hate the flavor of the drinkable stuff, a new recipe to try and Harry Potter stamps!

photo 2 (1)

Oh, and you think I’m bad by blogging about our October wedding well into February? Tonight, I went through all of our kitchen cabinets to put away WEDDING PRESENTS. I suck, I know. At least I made writing thank you notes a priority and got those out right away! I’m a slacker on everything else.

photo 3 (1)

I hope you have a great and speedy week!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

    • Ha ha it worked!! I pulled everything out and went through each piece one-by-one. “Do I need this up here, or can I put it downstairs?” For some things, like a rice maker, which I hardly ever use, I could get away with putting it in the basement and not having it take up too much room. Whenever I need it, I can go grab it off of our shelf. LOVE being organized and having a clean kitchen!

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