Weekending (Twice.)

It doesn’t matter how you swing it: weekends are the best. But, when your husband’s job as a meteorologist includes shift work/working on the weekend, some weekends are better than others. And the past two weekends? Well my friend. They were just excellent.

I know we’ve had a lot of fun lately, traveling to Portland and Cedar Point and all, but sometimes, it’s good for the soul to just stay home. We’ve had two weekends in a row doing just that. Want to see? Great.

We started last weekend at The Post, a pizzeria in Germantown with a fantastic beer menu.

the post

If you know my husband, you know his favorite food in the world is breadsticks. I mean, I’m not complaining, but we always order them when we go somewhere. These were preeeeetty tasty. Although, not as good as these (but close).

the post

The pizza was SO good. We got a half n half because we have a hard time agreeing on pizza toppings, and it made for excellent leftovers the next day.

the post

After The Post, we ventured over to Sergios for a beer. We’ve never been there before but it’s our new favorite place. They have hundreds and hundreds of unique beers from around the world. It’s overwhelming at first, but man was it cool.


Okay I half lied at the beginning of this post because we stayed home for MOST of the weekend, but we traveled up to Cinci for a night to go to surprise graduation party for Kev’s friend from high school, Chandler. He just graduated from nurse practitioner school and his girlfriend threw him an amazing party at a local bar. Beers were had. Nachos were consumed. You know, the usual.


Okay fast forward to this week. So I got a haircut and I’m obsessed. I haven’t had short hair since college and I’m 100 percent on board with the famous lob. I also had my girl put in more lowlights to match my natural color.

the lob

Kevin was off all day yesterday and today (!) and it was awesome. We celebrated Gracie’s 4th birthday (more on that later!) and enjoyed a late lunch out at a very local bar, Johnny V’s, yesterday afternoon.

johnny v's
Johnny V’s is in JTown and I have a feeling we’ll be back. Remember how my husband loves breadsticks? Well this place is famous for their garlic knots, which is basically a breadstick in a bowl of butter and garlic. They. were. so. good.

johnny v's

We also split a salad and a calzone, which we ate for dinner later that night because we were so full from the garlic knots and salad! Well done, Johnny V’s, well done.

johnny v's

We stayed in last night and FaceTimed with Peter & Ali on the deck while enjoying a few beers.

When some of your best friends live across the country, you gotta hang out with them over the internet. It’s that or nothin’!

tank 7

Today we did all the things around the house. Cleaned my car. Cut grass. Vacuumed. Laundry. Watched 5 episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Organized the linen closet. Oh, and smoked a brisket.

smoked brisket

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  1. This is very random and off base but I just read through all of your wedding stuff, and it is AMAZING!! Your wedding was beautiful and your secured my thoughts that i want to go to disney for my honeymoon! Please don’t stop writing!

    • Hi Brooke! Not random at all! I really appreciate the kind comment. Thank you SO much for reading! (PS Disney is the best place to honeymoon. ENJOY!)

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