We’re Moving…to Louisville, KY…this is not a joke

I repeat, this is NOT a joke!

My mind has been racing a million miles a minute since we found out on Monday, but Kevin was offered a forecasting position at the Louisville National Weather Service.


Not just the whole we’re-packing-up-our-Iowa-life-and-moving thing, but Kevin getting promoted is a HUGE deal! 14 months! 14 months and he was offered a forecasting position! Unbelievable!

If I wasn’t freaking out/having anxiety attacks/stressed to the max, I’d be the proudest fiance ever (don’t get me wrong, I AM PROUD), but I’m way too stressed to even wrap my mind around all of this.

Especially because his “report on” date is Oct. 21. THAT’S IN SIX WEEKS!

So now I’m going to go and try to figure out the rest of our life!


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