We’re Not Old

I’m not sure the demographic of my blog readers. Sometimes I hear my friends say, “Oh I read your blog when I’m bored” but at the same time, I hear my mom tell everybody she knows about it, so I honestly don’t know. But what I do know, is that my blog comes from the point of view of a 23-year-old chick trying to figure out what this whole “real life” crap is about. And coming from two parents who warned me every single day of my life that “real life” is hard but refusing to believe them, it’s taken me a little bit longer than normal to grasp this “adult” concept old fogies warn you about your entire adolescent life.

Most of you can see that both Kevin and I have struggled with being on our own away from a college atmosphere, and I think that my excuse is that I graduated early, so I feel like I didn’t get my whole four years worth. I don’t know what his excuse is. He doesn’t have one. He just likes to mope.

So today when I found this article on Thought Catalog, I about died because it COULD NOT BE MORE ACCURATE.

So take a minute and read it (all) and then come back.

Done yet?


I’m a fast reader. Kevin’s a slow reader. So I understand.

Okay, let’s discuss…

1. Because we suddenly have all this money to pay back.

Thankfully, I did not get a credit card until I graduated and got my first “big girl” job or I would have people knocking on my door and I’d be hiding under my bed at this very moment. I would have been stupid with money. BUT – I do have student loans (ya’ll know that by now) and I don’t think anybody really warns you about them. Enough about that – I could go on for days.

The rest is funny.

2. Because our friends are getting married/having kids.

It’s crazy. I can’t believe we’re “old” enough to legally be bound to someone. Blows my mind. And I love it. I love weddings. I’m wedding-crazy.

But holy heavens please do not EVER post the expiration date of milk on your Facebook page to show that’s how close you are to getting married. EVER. Under any circumstances. I’ll defriend you. Unfriend? Whatever.

3. Because our relatives are asking invasive questions.

See #2. I hate invasive questions. I don’t get too many of them, but when I do, I clam up like a, well, like a clam, and want to walk away or get off the phone as soon as possible. It’s awkward.

And what’s even MORE awkward, is gossip amongst the invasive questions. Oh lawdy.

4. Because we “don’t get it.”

My second favorite topic. Like this writer (who is brilliantly talented by the way), I have a younger brother (who is 17) and I DO NOT UNDERSTAND a word he says. Or what he talks about. Or what he likes. Or does for fun.

I feel bad for my parents. Oh lord, and even worse for my grandparents.

When he asks me, “Did you see last night’s episode of South Park? You know, the one that was on at 2:30 a.m.” then that clearly shows me we’re living two completely different lives. Because I work M-F 8-5 and even on weekends when I’m off, it’s a bad sign if I’m awake past 11:30 p.m. Like as in so bad that the probability of me washing my hair the next day, in exchange of sleeping in 20 minutes, is slim to none. Thank you, dry shampoo. (And I don’t care if you think that’s gross – girls aren’t supposed to wash their hair every day and we all know the washing, blow drying and styling routine in the morning is sometimes near impossible.)

But seriously I’d probably die if I had a little sister and had to hear about The Biebs all the time. I can handle South Park, Shrillex and video games that look so real I thought he was watching the movie Jarhead. The Biebs…not so much.

5. Because our friends are starting to have bomb-ass apartments.

This one is hands down my favorite. Because let’s all take a moment to be real honest here.

In college, it was so important to get a cute bedspread, perfectly matching throw pillows, a pink shower caddy etc. etc. And now that I live in an apartment, I could care less (right now) what my furniture looks like. I mean, look at this couch that sits in our living room. I hope this changes fast.

And what makes me laugh even more, is this line, “You walk into their place and there’s candles, and an espresso machine, and throw pillows, and they’re just like “Let me grab some of these beautiful stemless wine glasses so we can open up a bottle of red and talk about our office jobs on my couch,” and you’re like, holy f-ck, I am an adult now.


1. I want stemless wine glasses now. And candles. I need to buy candles. Every friend’s house I go to has candles. And it smells lovely. And I need throw pillows. AH the throw pillows.

2. WHY do we always talk about our office jobs? And why are friend gatherings planned? THAT is the real question here. Did you not just walk to your neighbor’s room or apartment in college and make yourself at home without any sort of invitation or “plan?” And did you not just stay there forever watching re-runs of whatever TV show was on or played video games until you couldn’t see straight? Why is it all like, “Hey, are you free next week? Let’s grab drinks at happy hour to catch up.” WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN. Graduation, I tell you. You walk across that stage and you go from “slob that spends weekends at a friend’s house and eats leftover pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner three days in a row” to “grown up that plans happy hours.” Happy hours are fun, don’t get me wrong. It’s just a change that takes some getting used to.

And I had this very conversation with my dear friend Katie a couple of weeks ago. She agrees.

6. Because we can’t party like we used to.

Says it all.

7. Because we’re enormous narcissists.

We’re young. We’re not old. Sure, we graduated college. But we’re not old by any means. And I don’t plan to ever get old. Sure, I’ll get wrinkles (should I be using night cream at 23?)  and I’ll probably have a bad back because I hate milk, but I don’t think I’ll ever look at my age and say, “omg I’m so old, therefore I can’t do anything because I’m too old.”

We’re in our 20’s.

We’re young.

So let’s embrace that.

[End rant discussion]

Something I want to quickly bring up:

A few weeks ago, I read this article written be an incredibly talented writer and young woman who discussed cherishing her college life, but looked forward to the future because, in her opinion, the fun doesn’t end when you graduate college. She hinted that the most exciting time of her life was just beginning. Marina Keegan died, at 22-years-old in a tragic car accident a few days later. I don’t bring this up to be depressing, but to really try to share that life is precious and instead of looking back at the past – we should be thankful for what we have and live in each and every moment we are given.

And not to jump all over the place here (clearly my mind wheels are turning at rapid speed)-but we just found out two people we know – who have been trying to have babies for years and were told that they would most likely never conceive on their own or with the help of IVF – are pregnant. Naturally. At this very moment. And they are beyond excited. And we beyond excited for them. Blessed, truly truly blessed. Doesn’t that just give you chills? God works wonders…amazing, amazing wonders.

Have a great night everyone! Tonight I plan to embrace my youth with Kevin, drink a beer and go on a nice long bike ride. I’ll be back with my “normal” non-deep self soon. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “We’re Not Old

  1. I second #4. Just today I asked my husband to grab my Glamour magazine for me and he said he felt old because he had no idea who the girl on the cover was. I looked at it and had no idea either (it’s Julianne Hough btw, who I had to read her article to figure out who the heck she was).

  2. I agree with number 4 as well! I realized how un-cool I was when I was student teaching. I had to google some of the phrases they were saying and ask other friends about their references because I was lost. Now I have students ask me if I worried about death because I´m ¨so old¨. Luckily, I don´t put much weight into the opinions of 7th graders!

  3. See, I think the problem we have with not having throw pillows is the puppy aspect. That also accounts for my once-nice-but-now-chewed couch.

    But really, I will get some wine glasses at Target later 🙂

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