We’re Not Weird

Happy Palm Sunday and April Fools’ Day! How are you spending this gorgeous (and possibly record-breaking) Sunday? Unfortunately, I’m not spending it $640 million richer, but that’s okay!

I don’t have any AFD jokes for you today. Honestly, I don’t get too thrilled about this holiday. I’m way too gullible to enjoy being tricked, so I will spare you this year!

This weekend was absolutely fabulous! Kevin had a meteorology conference (in town) so Friday night, a bunch of his colleagues went out to grab dinner and drinks. We ate at Zombie Burger (I’ll be honest again – not my favorite place in the world) and hopped (pun intended. Get it…hops? Beer? Hops in beer? Okay.) over to El Bait Shop for some drinks. El Bait Shop is home to 105 tap and 150+ bottles of craft beer. Now we’re talking! (P.S. If you are looking for a place similar to El Bait Shop in STL, hit up Global Brew!)

I started with a flight because I honestly couldn’t choose just one beer.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the names of each beer. 🙁 They were good though!

I finished off the night with a sweet and tangy Lindemans Framboise.

Kevin had to go back to the conference on Saturday (he was one of the presenters!) so Grace and I hung out until he got back. Then, we hit up the dog park! We couldn’t pass up another 80-degree afternoon.

Gracie went swimming for the first time yesterday! She doesn’t quite understand how to “swim,” but she sure can hop through the water! She has to learn before summer! My parent’s boat is calling my name.

Dirty, dirty dog! Someone got a bath as soon as we got home.

After the dog park, I got started on dinner. I’ll post the recipe in a different post since this one is already long, but I made a very delicious grilled steak with avocado butter and salad!

It was absolutely beautiful outside last night and we really didn’t want to spend the evening inside, so we became “those neighbors” and moved our TV so we could watch the Blues game and basketball from our patio. Our neighbors probably think we’re so weird, but I promise we’re not!

Sitting outside and watching TV is completely normal to me because we do it at my parent’s house all the time. My parents, however, have a very secluded backyard so their neighbors don’t know how weird they are. 😉

To continue the weirdness, I’m now enjoying my morning coffee, the Food Channel and blogging from my patio. Gracie LOVES being outside – she’s basically in heaven today.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

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