What a weekend!

I can’t tell you how many times people ask, “So what is PR?” or “What do you do for a living?” I don’t mind the question, because frankly, it’s very hard to understand everything we do. To sum it up, PR professionals (basically) work with the media and a brand to make sure the brand is represented well. Now, I said that was basic, very basic. All PR pros in the world are dying a little inside right now because of my explanation. I couldn’t even explain what I do on a day-to-day basis because it’s too complicated to put into words. One minute I could be writing a press release announcing a new product line or event, and the next I’m on the phone with the client because there is a crisis, and the next minute I’m out at Iowa Speedway (client) for their NASCAR Nationwide Series race this weekend.

I’ve never really been into NASCAR or any type of racing, but this was exciting! It was probably more exciting to me because I just love everything about any type of sport and having ESPN and NASCAR people around me all weekend was so awesome. Shannon Spake is one of my favorite ESPN reporters of all time and I got to be around her all weekend. It was so cool seeing how they set up their broadcast and everything. It was just plain awesome – I can’t even explain everything in detail. I took a few pictures from my phone, but the quality sucks (sorry!).

This is from Friday night at pre-race with all the (ASA) drivers getting ready to be announced.

This is pit row (I think) with all the drivers lined up –

This is the entrance into the Speedway – pretty cool tunnel.

Before the race on Saturday (the actual NASCAR Nationwide Race), we had a driver meeting in the press conference room in the media center and the drivers autographed a bunch of hats, jackets and flags for sponsors.

I wondered what would happen if this jacket went missing…. hmmm…..

This guy was so sweet. I forgot his name, but he has the cutest southern accent and he’s from North Carolina.







Shannon Spake, an amazing reporter, interviewing some pit crews (who ended up being the winning car!)

I took video of Victory Lane, not any pictures, but my camera won’t send the videos over (boo!), so check out ESPN’s coverage of the finish line (huge crash – made SportsCenter this morning!) and the celebration. It was so cool to see all of it in person!

Then, we had to get ready for the press conference with Ricky Stenhouse Jr., the winner, and I snuck a quick picture of him, his owner and pit crew chief.

After the press conference, Steven (Iowa Speedway PR guy – our client), and I went to deliver the trophies. Sweet! He snagged a photo of me in front of Ricky’s crashed car.

All-in-all, it was a fantastic weekend. I learned SO much about racing and NASCAR! Now, I may actually pay attention to it a bit more. It was also great just using my PR skills and helping out in the media center. I’m such a PR nerd, but I totally loved being around the reporters and photographers all weekend. I am pretty much in the best profession ever. Love it!

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