Winter Blues

ONLY Tuesday?! I have a feeling this week will drag verrrrrry slowly because my parents and brother are coming to visit us this weekend! I cannot WAIT!

On Winter Blues

I’m praying for warmer weather when they visit because we got another round of snow/sleet/ice this past weekend.

I know I keep harping on the weather (is this what happens when you marry a meteorologist?) but I seriously have the winter blues! All winter long, I kept telling myself that as long as we got to March, it would get better! And here we are, March 4, with fresh snow on the ground. I thought I moved to the South, y’all!

As much as Gracie likes the snow, we don’t let her hang out in the backyard as much as she’s used to when the weather is nicer and we can totally tell she has the winter blues too. Her face just looks sad all the time and it breaks our heart! IMG_5488

On Lent

On Wednesday we start the season of Lent and Kevin and I have been doing a lot of thinking about what we want to give up this year.

I have gone back and forth year after year on giving up something. Some years I decide to give up something and stick to it, and other years I get lazy about it. I am considering giving up fried food for Lent. Not that we eat fried food all the time, but it would definitely be a challenge! Goodbye, chips and Chick Fil A sandwiches.

On House of Cards

Last night, Kev and I finished season 2 of House of Cards. HOLY COW! I am so sad that there are no more episodes and season 3 hasn’t even begun filming. I don’t know if we can wait that long!

On Other Shows

Please, whatever you do, do not recommend another show for us to get hooked on. I’m currently watching:

  • Parenthood – So, so, so, so, so, so, so, so good. It’s my wine+popcorn+PJs+blanket+fire+relax show.
  • Scandal – On at the same time as Parenthood, so I have to decide if I’m in the mood for heart-racing-intense-TV-show-watching or not moments before 10 p.m.
  • The Voice – We watch this one together, and we have a slight obsession with Adam and Blake.
  • Modern Family – We also watch this one together. Never gets old.
  • Growing Up Fisher – We watched the premiere and thought it was pretty good. May keep watching it.

But sure, okay, you can go ahead and leave a comment recommending a new TV show to get hooked on. Just in case this winter decides to stick around for another few weeks. 😉

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