Winter, Go Away

Hello hello!

I am especially excited for this Thursday because my hubby has been at a conference all week and comes home today. Hooray! Gracie and I have missed him dearly.

This week was pretty uneventful. We got a major ice storm and it felt like our whole city was covered in 1/2″ of straight up ice. Oh, plus more snow.


Here are some pictures of the frozen tundra, also known as, our yard.

photo 2 (1)

When I look at our trees, I want to sing the song, “do your ears hang low do they wobble to and fro” because our branches touched the ground with this much ice on them. I’m weird, I know.

photo 1 (2)

It was pretty windy, but we got lucky in that no major branches broke.

photo 2 (2)

This poor flag is 100 percent frozen. I should have thought ahead and taken it down.

photo 1 (1)

But I’m surviving! My Christmas present from my aunt came today. She got me this awesome running hat, so I took it for a spin today with Grace. We didn’t run since the sidewalks/roads are still icy, but we carefully trotted around the North Pole neighborhood. Dog Mom of the Year for braving that stuff!


Whenever Kevin is gone, I indulge in what I like to call, “girly food.” I indulge in food that Kevin would otherwise not consider dinner. I bought a big butternut squash at the grocery store last week and that has pretty much been my dinner this week (including a meal provided by Danny & Sara who fed me last night!).

Roasted butternut squash – sprinkled with EVOO, salt, pepper and roasted for 25-40 minutes at 400 degrees. Easiest and most tasty veggie ever.

photo 1

Butternut squash gnocchi – this is my second try at making homemade butternut squash gnocchi. I don’t know if I just don’t like it (I’ve had it before and swear I like it) or made the recipe wrong both times but it was a big fail. (I put a little goat cheese on it but that didn’t help.)

photo 2

I also indulged in Chick Fil A for lunch yesterday. My oh my, it doesn’t get much better than their sandwiches.

photo 3

In other news – the Olympics start tonight! I’m a little (read: lot) peeved at Russia with all the drama happening over there (especially the whole dog thing), but I am SO pumped for the games! I’m looking forward to men’s hockey the most!

Do you prefer summer or winter Olympics?
I prefer the winter olympics for the sole reason of HOCKEY

What’s your favorite winter Olympic sport?
Obviously men’s hockey, but curling is a close second!

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