Winter Thursdays

Can we get a WOO HOO for the men’s USA game this morning?! Kev and I woke up bright and early and watched the beginning of the game on our iPad in bed before I had to go upstairs for work. I was quite happy with the 7-1 win and am SO pumped for Saturday’s game vs. Mother Russia! 


After work today, we swung by Whole Foods to get some special cheeses for our homemade (Valentine’s Day) dinner tomorrow night. I really don’t like V-day at all, nor do I understand why people love the day, but sure, we’ll celebrate with a nice homemade dinner and fancy cheese. Want a hint at what we’re making? Take a look at this post. Our meal at Jiko is our inspiration. (You know you’re a “foodie” when you have dreams about this meal. That’s happened.)

I also decided that I want a part-time job in their cheese department. I could have spent an hour tasting them all if that was allowed!


Gracie was out getting her hair did all day so we also swung by and picked up our girl after work. She smells sooooo clean! Want to bet how long her good smell lasts? I give it 2 days, max.


While we were picking her up, we saw another dog there that looked like a puppy version of Gracie but the groomer told us she was a full-grown dog – GAH! They think she had Doxen in her keeping her that small size. It took all of my might (and the fear of jail) to keep me from snatching her right up.


We had the simplest of simple dinners tonight, consisted of a salad and gerber sandwiches. I was going to try a new lasagna recipe tonight but we wouldn’t have eaten dinner until after 10 p.m. since our errands took so long, so salad and gerbers it was!



As much as I am ready for warmth and outdoors, I have been totally milking these cold winter evenings. We light a fire and candle, cuddle under blankets, pour a glass of red and keep our eyes glued to the Olympics.


While I was at Whole Foods earlier, I decided I couldn’t leave without grabbing a package of their dark chocolate sea salt caramels – THE best! I actually really dislike chocolate (I know) but I love these babies. At $10/lb., they’re not cheap, but we hardly ever go to Whole Foods because it’s quite a hike from our house so I figured today was a good opportunity to pick up a box. Now I need to refrain from eating them all at once.


So good!


Well, that’s all for tonight! Have a great Thursday and TGIF in advance!

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