Year in Review: 2015

It’s back again! Time for another Year in Review – one of my favorite blog posts to write of the year. So, let’s get to it.


I turned 26 and celebrated twice (here and here). Half marathon training was in full swing, and I was running 6, 7 and 8 miles regularly.



Pretty much nothing happened besides running, running and more running. Oh, and then we went to Disney World and ran a half marathon!



My parent’s came to town over St. Patrick’s Day weekend and we partied hard. Then, Peter and Ali came to town for Peter’s bachelor party, and we partied hard. And then we adulted real hard and bought a new car!



So, April sucked. Actually, it was the absolute worst. My grandpa was diagnosed with ALS and then three short weeks later, passed away. It was so hard to lose him, but I’m so thankful for the 26 amazing years I had with him. I’m especially grateful that Kevin and I were able to go to St. Louis a few weeks before he passed to visit him.



This month was hard because after my grandpa’s funeral, you’re expected to just get back to real life and pretend that everything is normal when in reality, it’s the furthest thing from normal. But people were right, as time went on, we all began to heal. We were really excited to see American Pharaoh win the Kentucky Derby – that was grandpa’s horse!



Well, the end of May wasn’t a total bust because we did go to my coworker’s wedding which was amazing. In June, we went to my sorority sister’s wedding up in Valpo, saw Kevin’s aunt and uncle who live near there and paid a visit to our old stomping grounds. We also went to Bunbury, a music festival in Cincinnati, and saw The Black Keys and Matt and Kim.



Oh July. Perhaps you were my favorite month of the year. My mom made a spur-of-the-moment trip to visit me for 4th of July weekend and we went to Portland for Peter & Ali’s wedding and had the. best. time. ever. OH! And Forecastle Festival was in July, which is always just the greatest.



August was almost as fun as July. Almost. We spent one weekend at Cave Run Lake with our best friend’s families and took a trip up to Cedar Point for a weekend vacay with Kevin’s family. Kevin lost his wedding ring (:(), but Gracie turned four!



September was much more mellow than months prior. We stayed in town every weekend, but managed to fit some fun in. We saw OAR at Churchill Downs, spent Labor Day poolside and went to the Kentucky Bourbon Gala.



We celebrated our second anniversary with a fun night out in Louisville. Later in the month, we went to St. Louis to visit family since we hadn’t been back since April. We also went to the Doctor’s Ball for my work!



I kicked off the month with a little DIY project, which I’m still obsessed with. We also celebrated Kevin’s 27th birthday and we went to Cincinnati for a Monday Night Football Game. The end of November was perfect – Thanksgiving at our house with both of our families!



WE PAID OFF OUR STUDENT LOANS! A goal we’ve had for four years was finally accomplished and it feels so good. We spent a weekend in NashVegas for the Blues game and we also celebrated Christmas, seven times.


2016, we’re ready for you!

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